here is nothing like coming face to face with a huge polar bear. Even though there’s a locked gate between me and what’s considered one of the most ferocious animals on earth, it certainly gets the adrenalin pumping.
Standing on the viewing platform of a Tundra Buggy on the ice fields near Churchill in Canada, several polar bears are lurking and appear just as curious about us as we are about them.

Suddenly, there’s a loud crash on the locked stairway and an enormous furry paw the size of a dinner plate with the sharpest of claws, appears on the top stair. I peer down and there staring up at me is a polar bear – our eyes meet, an encounter I won’t ever forget. Then the polar bear turns and heads back to his mates.

To see these animals in the wild is a rare privilege, especially knowing numbers are dwindling due to climate change and the effects on feeding patterns. We spend three days on the icy tundra in northern Manitoba, on the west shore of Hudson Bay, now considered the polar bear capital of the world.

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