Recently a very dear friend introduced me to a link on Facebook. “Check out this guy! He is only 19 and he has such amazing messages. You will Love him, I just know it!” she wrote.

So, I did.

Upon reading the story of this young man and watching his posts, it hit home that every one of us desires balance, peace and happiness, however so few achieve this in its purest state.

Is it the constant desire of wanting more?

Is it the confusion that sad days are not depressive states, but more so a feeling that needs to be addressed deeper within?

Is it the constant demands on work, family, commitments, obligations, technology and information overload?

Is it that we have lost the true meaning of life and the simplicity of living?

Charles Jackson, is one inspirational person and perhaps the type we could do with duplicating in his age group.

At only 19, posting some amazing, insightful messages on social media, he explains his passion developed over the years following successful people on YouTube.

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