Born from an impenetrable pod, covered in armour, hungry and clawing their way to feed on the human race. Sounds like your worst nightmare from a Sci-Fi film? Well these alien creatures, Pediculosis Capitis are commonly known on this planet as Head Lice.

Your unwanted guests are parasites and the mature adult is called the Louse and it will lay the eggs or nits on the hair strand where they are left to incubate, so let’s begin with the adults, henceforth known as the crawlies. The crawlies have claws that enable them to attach themselves to the hair strand and travel from strand to strand, a bit like Tarzan. They DO NOT jump from head to head but simply require hair to hair contact. Once on their new host they can feed using a probe that pierces the skin to gouge on your blood, a little like a mosquito. To do this they inject you with an anaesthetic so you are unaware of their presence.

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