Four years ago, Jayden Zago sent Dean Cooke a message. He heard Dean could ‘scream’ (sing). Dean replied “Yeah, I kind of can like Winston from Parkway Drive”.

So, the boys began practicing the tune “Smoke em if you got em” by Parkway Drive in fellow band members Jordan Williams parents garden shed. “I sounded so bad. The whole band sounded like tin cans being thrown at a wall. We were lucky to have such a supportive group of mates around us that pushed and encourage us to keep practicing and keep moving forward.”

With a lot of practice, they grew to write their first Album titled ‘Masquerade’ with Dean executing vocals, Jayden Zago and Jordan Williams on guitars, Matthew Corby on bass and Kieran Keesmaat on drums. Two years later, a few band member adjustments and a name revision the boys became ‘Visioner’.

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