Tell us about the home prior to the renovation? What was it in need of?

“Where do I start? I had no intention of renovating! It sounded too hard and too costly. From the first and only inspection I had, I could see the home needed superficial /cosmetic work like painting, a few windows and doors replaced, a new Kitchen and new Bathroom and a garden in the front and back. Not much work at all.”

What was the first thing you did to begin this renovation and tell us about the experience – the good, the bad and the ugly!

“Firstly the trees had to be removed to reveal the home, this was done in 40 degree heat.”

“The good was discovering that the gutters were new, they just looked old from all the neglect. A huge thank you to the Tradespeople who have made my renovation journey a little easier and memorable. I would also like to thank you Bernadette, a beautiful, focused and strong lady for allowing me the opportunity to share my story. They were all definitely good things.

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