Brain cancer. Two words that no one should ever have to hear together in their lifetime. It’s a terrifying disease that kills more children in Australia than any other disease and more people under 40 than any other cancer. Despite the shocking statistics, brain cancer receives less funding than any other cancer, and with that, comes a lack of awareness amongst the general public.

Meet Julia Fin. You may recognise her as the stunning woman from the recent Lexus of Wodonga television advertisement. She’s a wife, a mother of 2 young children and a talented graphic designer with her own business. Her dedication towards her business and family is like no other. A drive that has carried her through some incredibly tough times over the past year.

In January 2017, at 37 years of age, Julia’s life changed forever. She woke in the early hours of the morning to paramedics pricking her finger. Disorientated and wondering why they were in her bedroom, she heard her husband, Val, telling the paramedics that she had been up late working and it was probably just caused by stress. She had no idea what he was talking about. Julia had suffered a grand mal seizure. After being rushed to hospital and enduring multiple scans, a MRI revealed that she had a brain tumour. She would later learn that it was a grade II diffuse astrocytoma.

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