For most of the year, many of us look forward to summer. It’s a time of festivities, barbeques, and spending time with friends and family. Unfortunately, the lazy, hazy days of summer that many of us envision isn’t quite the reality. For some people, it is a time when they feel incredible loneliness and grief, while for others, the high expectations, overindulgence and money stress, often turn the ‘most wonderful time of year’ into a living nightmare.

Vanessa Ayres is a mother of three and a local yoga teacher at YogaNess. Her background of mental illness and her journey of overcoming through yoga has helped her give a clear insight into understanding different types of stress that burden so many people.

Why did you start YogaNess?

“I started YogaNess after a long silent battle with depression that came to light after delivering my third child. My earliest memory of this feeling of deep sadness and despair was from when I was just 13 years of age. After trying numerous forms of help, medication, counselling, exercise and denial, yoga was my last shot. I saw an ad for a yoga studio in my area that was offering two weeks of yoga for a crazy price (I can’t remember how much). I took a deep breath and went in on my own. I think I went to twenty classes in those two weeks, and everything started to become a little clearer. I saw light where there once was just darkness. I knew not long after that, I had found myself again and that I had to become a teach

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