It was a couple of weeks until my 12th birthday. I was just another kid in grade 5 at Gowrie St Primary School in Shepparton.

But I wasn’t well – I had been tired all the time recently and oh so incredibly thirsty. I remember dreaming that I had a huge glass water fountain above my bed with a tube down so I could drink beautiful cool water whenever I wanted – and that would have been all the time.

I was losing weight rapidly.

It was a nursing friend of my Mum’s who suggested she take me to the doctor. The doctor quickly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes and booked me in to hospital the next day.

I knew it was a turning point in my life. That was made very apparent that last night at home before hospital – I was obviously declared an invalid – A banana lounge was set up in the lounge room for me to lie on instead of sitting in my usual chair. I was sure the situation had been over-dramatised. I can remember being given my last chocolate ripple biscuit that night. It tasted good (and they still do).

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