From the early 1914, the films of Charlie Chaplin were enjoyed across Australia and the world, including in our local picture palaces. At the height of his careers, Chaplin was one of the most recognisable people on the planet.
The work of this legendary actor, comedian and film maker will be celebrated at Albury LibraryMuseum this year. The Albury Charlie Chaplin Exhibition & Festival brings to life Chaplin’s legacy through material loaned by a Sydney-based collector, who holds one of the most extensive collections of Chapin memorabilia in the world.

Charlie Chaplin was born in London in 1889. Both parents were music hall performers, and Chaplin was immersed in the world of music halls and popular entertainment from an early age. This was never more evident than when, at the age of 5, a young Charlie took to the stage in place of his mother, who was ill and unable to complete a scheduled performance. In his 1964 autobiography, Chaplin wrote “I was quite at home. I talked to the audience, danced, and did several imitations…”

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