Built in 2000, this property could be mistaken for an old style homestead, boasting the charm of yesteryear. Owner Margaret Broadway fell in love with the breathtaking views at the top of this 100-acre vacant property the moment she set eyes on it.

“I was originally looking for an established small acreage property but this special piece of land had weaved its magic spell on me and I could not resist owning it. This meant I then had to learn how to quickly become an owner builder/designer, as I was never going to build a conventional house even though it was my first attempt”.

“I designed a large family home with separated parent and children’s retreat with a large cathedral ceiling communal area in the middle. Built with stone, cedar, new and recycled wood, antique architectural features with wrap around verandahs with a steep pitched roof line”. Margaret created the illusion this new home was an old country homestead, to matched with her large collection of restored antiques and recycled pieces.

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