One thing that does not separate animals and humans is the love for our children. Without hesitation and with natural instincts, we fight fiercely to protect our young.

When hearing the tragedy of such horrific acts against innocent children, most people are outraged, desiring justice to the family and the victim. In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as Child Abuse.

Founder and President of Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia Adam Washbourne created a foundation known on social media as FACAA in hope to do just that. It is designed to connect children who need help with those who can help them. Their mission,  “FACAA will end child abuse once and for all, join us or get out of the way!”

“I am both a child counsellor and a martial arts instructor and I can see the benefits of both being utilised at the same time.”

“I have always trained in martial arts  and can see the benefits of martial arts training for children who have survived child abuse. As a counsellor I would get better results by talking to them while training than in a traditional office setting.  This gave me the idea to get kids into martial arts as a way to heal their trauma. This was the birth of our first and flagship program the Phoenix Survivor’s program.  FACAA grew rather organically from there.”

“We like to think we have helped a lot of people quite dramatically. We have helped over 500 survivors of child abuse currently and are looking to expand to help many more. We reach millions of people every week with our social media awareness pages and our legal reform campaign has written laws that will help people for generations.“

FACAA have changed several laws Australia wide and were the driving force behind a new set of laws called the Children’s Champion program which changes the way child survivors go to court to seek justice for their abuse.

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