In addition to our annual fashion show GO FASHION SHOW, GO Local Media consults with brands to establish their own unique event, attracting new customers, enhancing brand positioning, and encourage unique customer engagement.

When we consult with you, except a vision board with new ideas to create a calendar of events, suiting your brand image and target market. In addition to consulting, our team can assist with event management for your peace of mind. There is a cost for consultation, as we are committed to delivering great ideas, and are open to sharing them for a fee, as some businesses need inspiration but can handle the event themselves, and that’s ok with us too!

However, if you need us, be sure to know we have managed events such as conferences, corporate events, promotional days, well-being, art, culture, and musical events for public and private sectors, all with the vision to engage with your client on a holistic level.

We also offer talent for promotional use, be it for an advertising campaign or for your event!

Ask us how we can work with you to use eventing to engage with your clients, & drop us an email and we will get back to you!