With a grateful heart I thank you for 2017 & welcome our vision for 2018. As we come to a close for 2017 I am certain we are all reflecting on the year that was. With disbelief we welcome Christmas yet again and try to work out what happen in the space between New Years Eve and today. For me personally I reflect on the growth of this publication and all that has come to us has been nothing short of a blessing.

The community has embraced our stories and publication with much love and admiration. For this purpose we see the opportunity to grow and expand our vision across Australia. With our acceptance into prestigious venues, we are thrilled to share the vision for us moving into 2018 and say farewell to GO Local Albury Wodonga, but welcome GO Local Australia. This publication will be released bi annually and will focus on stories of amazing Australians, including that of where we live. We are so excited to bring to you the next big edition and know our readers will love what we have in store for you. GO Australia will continue to be available at all leading newsagents and we will reveal next year all the new blessings for us.

With this transformation, we identify the need to continue to service our local area in beautifully crafted stories and publication. For this purpose, we introduce our secondary publication exclusive to Albury Wodonga, titled NOW. This magazine will be released bi monthly and will focus on the people on the Border. We know you will love it as much as you Love GO! Keep your eye out for this publication coming your way very soon! I also wish to pay tribute to my team and your hard work

in delivering a quality publication to this community and abroad. Thank you for working as hard and as passionately as I do.

To the businesses in our community whom have supported us, your contribution to our publication has made a dream possible, whilst showcasing your passion to the community and abroad. I pay tribute to you all whom open your doors daily, traveling on nothing more than sheer determination, hope and passion for their selected industries. Thank you for keeping your doors open to serve us and create employment in our region.

To those who travel to our area, thank you for your interest in checking out all the glorious produce, sites and scenes of this region. We welcome you with arms wide open and hope you enjoy your stay and hope you will return to make Albury Wodonga and North East Victoria your preferred holiday destination for many years to come. And finally, a huge thank you to the world of which we cannot see. Known to many cultures by a different name, be it God, Angels, Jehovah, Buddha, Jesus, Ganesha, Shiva, Vishnu, HaShem, Allah, Krishna, Ahura Mazda, Gitche Manitou, the universe or Mother Nature and as the list goes on, irrespective of what we call it, the higher power that makes all possible resonates from one vibration and that is of love. I wish to thank who ever it is for the vibration of love, without it, people are not united and passion is not ignited.

Live with passion and give with pride! Blessings for a Pura Vida

B xx

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