I dedicate this article to mothers, especially the single mothers who, through no fault of their own, are in the position of being the breadwinner, carer, mother and father to their children. The front cover model is our very own Tish Ritchens, whom will have the shock of her life when she reads this. You see, she thought she is doing a front cover for winter wonderland and at some point she was, until I sat and watched her life.

Running three boys around for school, sports and her little girl. Then there is balancing part time employment, a new business, friendships and family. Battling costs of living in a family household, increased electricity and household expenses, school fees, uniforms, children, daycare costs… I think ‘WOW, this woman is amazing’!

This story is shared by thousands of women across Australia and whilst there may be a stigma attached to the single mother label, it is far from the truth of most…

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