David is perhaps one of the most talked about chefs in the region. His restaurant making an impact as one of the best places to dine, and he is noted for his time spent in a rather hostile kitchen with the famed Gordon
Ramsay in his London restaurant Maze, and working alongside Jamie Oliver at Fifteen London. He has now made his own name in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.

Tucked in a corner, busily preparing the next plate of art, is where you will find this man of magic, and his establishment, Miss Amelie is just that. A magical wonderland of kinaesthetically pleasing sensations from the moment you walk into the establishment with its presentation, to the moment you witness your food art.

Q. Tell us about your time with Gordon Ramsey? What are some moments that stood out for you working with him and what did he teach you as a Chef and as a man in business?
A. “My very first service I had a plate thrown at my back because the micro herbs had wilted slightly…. Gordon shouted, “you’re not with f@#cking Jamie anymore are you!!”

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